Jeanne brings a diverse, multi-layered career in advertising, marketing, branding and promotion to Jeanne Verger Creative. After earning a degree in Fine Arts from Florida State University, she started her career as an advertising and creative director at Warner Bros. Records, where she oversaw the creative design and media planning for campaigns for Michael Buble, Madonna, and Tom Petty, among others. She then transitioned to a full-service advertising agency, Bullpen Integrated Marketing, where she worked as an account director. 

A growing interest in spirituality and wellness – and the desire to get back to her creative roots - led her to launch a lucrative yoga-inspired jewelry business, Jeanne Verger Jewelry.  Her advertising and marketing experience, mixed with her coaching and empowerment training, were a potent combination: Jeanne Verger Jewelry was a huge success, acquiring customers all over the globe.

It wasn’t long before Jeanne realized that she had a calling to help other small business owners and entrepreneurs succeed, using the same methods that had brought her success. With her training in life coaching and graphic design, coupled with experience in branding and marketing, she now offers clients everything they need to get their dream business off the ground. And when she isn’t working side by side with a client, you’ll often find her on the sunny side of the street, embracing change and welcoming new ways to create.