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As a business owner, I can relate 100% to the headaches that goes with trying to find someone that you can trust to get your website project done right.

If you are like me, you want a professional, modern looking website that expresses your credibility and expertise as a leader in your niche, a website that makes your prospects say “yes” and generates more leads for your business all while working with someone who is reliable, experienced and trustworthy to get the job done exactly how you want.

I absolutely love working with entrepreneurs and are dedicated 100% to your business’ success. To get you up and running, I have the systems in place to deliver a mobile responsive, custom designed business website – with no tech stress!  



“Jeanne is wonderfully friendly, flexible, and on top of her game! She is very easy and great to work with and she is super attentive to every detail and can make you a dream website”

- Beryl Herrin











Let’s Create Something Amazing!

Are you ready for the next level of success in your business, but can't move even one step further until you get your website situation sorted out? Or did you build your own website five years ago and it's feeling outdated? 

Together, let's build a custom Squarespace or Shopify site that’s gorgeous and gets visitors straight to the pages that matter. I think it's important to build websites for my clients that they can maintain on their own after the initial design so they will not have extra website maintained expenses in the future. Squarespace and Shopify are two powerful platforms that are easy to maintain once the website design is completed. 

Let's build a meaningful creative partnership. I am dedicated to nurture collaboration, communication, and trust. In our process, I honor intuition, intent, and balance.

So let's get working together! 











"Jeanne was extremely easy to work with and listened carefully to my expectations. Even though I am not technology-savvy and returned with numerous edits, Jeanne always expressed value for my input and decisions. Jeanne took my rough ideas and expectations from concept through to completion well under my anticipated time frame. 

- Pamela Oakes

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I absolutely love working with entrepreneurs and are dedicated 100% to your business’ success.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: I only take a few clients at a time so I can give 100% of my attention to you and your project’s specific needs. 

COMMUNICATION: When in the design and development process, we will be in close communication to address all your needs and to keep a time schedule and get you launched asap!  

COMMITMENT: My passion and purpose is to advance entrepreneurship around the world and see your business succeed. Let's get your product or service out so the world can benefit from it. 

COMPREHENSIVE: I provide everything you need for your website all in one place: design, development, e-commerce etc.