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What if I told you the key to success is right inside each and every one of us…

You just need to understand how to unlock it. 

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Once you do, you’ll quickly feel the surge of freedom and creativity rush back in your life and your projects.

You’ll be feeling inspiration every day and the true joy it can be to live out your dreams and goals.

While having an idea or goal is a good start, having a personal and group accountability for your visions will ensure that you’re 95% more likely to complete your goal!

Humans are social creatures, and group dynamics make us do fascinating things. When we are answering to other people, we can do things we can’t do on our own.


Without having someone to help hold us accountable, we may easily fall into any of these traps:

Fear of failure, Lack of determination
No action plan, Overwhelm
Negative thoughts, Lack of enthusiasm
Procrastination, Making excuses

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That’s why I designed

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How amazing would it feel to wake up in the morning and do the things that inspire you rather than the things that you “should do”?

To experience YOUR unique way in finding inspiration and fresh thinking in which you are so excited to follow each day.

When you tap into the thing that inspires you, you find this hidden wellspring of energy that makes you feel so connected to your goal.  

The biggest key is to not feel forced to do something but find the inspiration to do it.


“It is not the skills we actually have that determine how we feel but the ones we think we have.” 

- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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THE FLOW EXPERIENCE MASTERMIND is an 8-week accountability program that focuses not only on action steps to bring your vision to life, but more importantly, we focus on your mindset and how your thoughts play the biggest role in your success.


I want to work closely with you and guide you in taking a vision or goal and bringing it to fruition.

From feeling overwhelmed and stuck to feeling inspired and FREE.
To shift from the struggle and stress of life into discovering your juicy aliveness around your goals.


Rather than following a rigid timeline or progression, we adapt to each individual’s unique situation by using a flexible, agile approach that allows us to get an instant jump-start on ideas and projects.

 Once you overcome your internal challenges by examining your thoughts connected to your experience, you’ll be able to overcome any external obstacles that stand in your way.

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Here are just a few of the things you’ll gain in

• Accept responsibility. No more excuses. Eliminate the obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your highest potential, and actively choose your own success.

• Get validation on your thoughts and ideas. Get constructive feedback on your ideas and learn new and more efficient ways of developing and implementing innovative ideas.

• Mindset. Let’s wake up into the truth of who we really are, discover the place from where our best self comes, and acknowledge what we already have going for us and use this perspective to jump-start an idea or project out into the world.

• Optimize your performance. Get the help you need from an experienced mentor and coach who will help you develop and expand on your ideas.  

• Measure your success and progress. Set yourself up for success by implementing easily trackable goals and milestones that show your progress

• Stay engaged & motivated. Learn how to stay focused and keep your eye on the finish line no matter what else is happening in your life. In this group, you will get coaching, support, accountability, and community to step into new expression and new potential.


 Sounds pretty solid, right?


Let’s make accountability FUN, JOYFUL, IMPACTFUL and THE FIRE TO GET SH*T DONE!

Let’s REDEFINE ACCOUNTABILITY where you experience a sense of ultimate freedom!

• • • • •

Together we are moving you toward your vision and in a way that is filled with FREEDOM!

• • • • •

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• Maximum 10 Participants •

7 Live Group Coaching Sessions
2 Private Coaching Sessions with Jeanne
Accountability partner from Mastermind for weekly check-in
Weekly check-in VOXER voice message with Jeanne
Weekly email with inspiration and support
Private Facebook Group
Lots of fun, encouragement and delight

You will receive TWO 45 minute private sessions with me to be scheduled at the start and end of the program.

There is nothing like having a partner in crime to keep you accountable. I will be pairing you up with another Mastermind participant to be that cheerleader for you. I recommend setting up one call per week to check in about your weekly goals and progress.

Our calls will be 90 minutes each week and we will all meet on the Zoom video platform. Please plan for the full 90 minutes in your schedule. The complete schedule is below.
If you need to miss a call, I’ll be recording each one and it will be available for viewing until the completion of the program.

• • • • •


DATES: June 3, 2019 - July 29, 2019 (2 month program)

PRICE: Special Beta Group Discounted Price: $199.00*

*September 2019 Launch Price - $1,999 for a 3 month program

• • • • •

Coaching Session #1: June 3 - June 7 - Our first coaching session to define and create your goals/project

  • Group Call: Wednesday, June 12th 6pm to 7:30 pm pst

  • Group Call: Wednesday, June 19th 6pm to 7:30 pm pst

  • Group Call: Wednesday, June 26th 6pm to 7:30 pm pst

  • Group Call: Wednesday, July 10th 6pm to 7:30 pm pst

  • Group Call: Wednesday, July 17th 6pm to 7:30 pm pst

  • Group Call: Wednesday, July 24th 6pm to 7:30 pm pst

  • Group Call: Wednesday, July 31st 6pm to 7:30 pm pst - Final group call

Coaching Session #2: July 29 - August 2 - Our final coaching session to explore keeping momentum and lasting transformation around your project/goals.


alright, are you ready?
Let’s get started!

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