Pamela J. Oakes is a Nonprofit Funding Expert. She works with 501(c)3 nonprofits who have a ton of HEART for the work, but struggle with funding.  With 20+ years of experience, Pamela teaches the insider tips, tricks, and strategies that she has learned from consulting with large overseas multi-nationals, along with nearly a decade working for the wealthiest philanthropy on the planet! Her mission is to ensure that those who want to change the world for good have the funding and resources to do so!

"Jeanne was extremely easy to work with and listened carefully to my expectations. Connecting was simple via web conferencing and she was always on-time. She followed-up every meeting with a written recap, both for the sake of clarity as well as, to ensure action items were completed timely and efficiently. Even though I am not technology-savvy and returned with numerous edits, Jeanne always expressed value for my input and decisions. Jeanne Verger took my rough ideas and expectations from concept through to completion well under my anticipated time frame. The site looks and functions exactly how I saw it in my head and without hesitation, I would recommend her to anyone wanting top-notch design services for their online brand presence"    
- Pamela Oaks

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