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It's our fears that hold us back from our greatness. Fear influences our thoughts, which then determine how we move forward with a vision. Together, we will unlock the keys to bringing your vision to life and igniting it into the world.

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Whether you’re starting a business, or needing to revamp your marketing strategy, I give entrepreneurs all the tools they need to create strong brands and keep them alive on their own. Today's business environment is fast and competitive. It's common to become overwhelmed and lose focus on what matters most. Plus, we're often too close to our own business to clearly see the best path to achieve our goals. 

At Jeanne Verger Consulting, I'm not only helping entrepreneurs develop their business – I'm teaching people how to create a life that’s inspiring and fulfilling. If you’re looking to work with a coach that goes beyond the marketing jargon to nurture your true vision and ignite it into the world, I'm here for you.  


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Business Coaching

Let's work together to make sure you achieve your goals and enjoy a more rewarding life by helping to improve performance in several areas, including: Clearly define your vision, mission, and goals, Think and act more strategically, Market your business more effectively and Achieve work-life balance while growing your business. I am wildly passionate about teaching people how to create a business and life that’s inspiring and fulfilling. I love to help aspiring entrepreneurs unlock their creative vision, and to make it come to life. I did this for myself with my own online empowerment jewelry business, and I want to share all my secrets to success with you.

Website Design and Build

Are you overwhelmed by site options and advice from people who know nothing about your business and the right website platform to use? Or did you build your own website 5 years ago and it's feeling outdated?  Let me build you a custom Squarespace or Shopify site that’s gorgeous and gets visitors straight to the pages that matter. Also, I think it's importanta to build websites for my clients that they can maintain on their own after the initial design so they will not have a extra website maintained expense in the future.  


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Jeanne is the calm in the storm of starting a website. She skillfully identifies the challenges and brings a sense of structure to the project immediately. A true breath of fresh air. I’ve enjoyed every minute of working with her.
— Sheri Levy (Sexystronglife.com)







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