Setting Intentions & Vision Boards


I'm excited to be back with you! July ended up being a month chock full of goodness and lots of work. July was chock full because I was focused. Focused on developing my new accountability Mastermind program launching this October.

It’s so easy to lose focus, but when we set intentions, they keep us on track, and that’s what I’m sharing in this video on Intentions and Vision Boards.

Setting intentions and creating vision boards are two of my favorite things to do, especially when I’m starting a new project or want a fresh start on something. What’s the difference between and intention and a goal? An intention combines a very specific (that’s important!!) goal and a thought that is an outcome that you want to achieve. When setting an intention, think of how you want to feel when, for example, the project you’re just starting is complete. Really feel that feeling you'll have when you’re in the winning, the completion of it. When you combine your specific goal with that feeling, the intention anchors you along your journey to insulate you from any pitfalls and obstacles you encounter along the way.

Intentions are particularly powerful with new beginnings, but you don’t necessarily need to be starting something new. When you get up, set an intention for the day. I did this every day in a week-long retreat, and it was amazing how focused and present I was. One day of that retreat, I set the intention of opening my heart and staying open all day. That meant that, when listening to someone, rather than starting to get into my own head about what I would say next or what advice I would give, I course corrected and just stayed present with them listening with an open and compassionate heart. I remember feeling so fulfilled at the end of that day because I spent the day connecting so deeply. 

So, what’s one intention you could set for yourself tomorrow morning? What do you want to cultivate this day? And then declare it.

When you go off course of your intention, this is where affirmations are a powerful tool, because they’ll get you back on course. 

And vision boards go hand in hand with intentions. At the beginning of every year, I love to create a vision board for the whole year, and these can have multiple intentions—intentions for your business, your relationships, your body, whatever you are called to set an intention for the whole year. And I make the creation of the vision board a mini celebration. I pull out inspirational images, quotes, sentences, words from magazines and newspapers in the weeks leading up to my craft time, and I write out the intentions themselves, but I also layer in all of these images onto a stretched canvas (you can get these easily at any craft store) with clear tape (no fancy glue or anything!), and I hang it up as my visual intention for the year.

So, is there anything new that you’re starting in your life or an area you want to have a fresh start in? Declare a new beginning with an intention, and see what possibilities open up for you. Set an intention, create a few affirmations to support it, and then create a vision board. This little toolkit can help you on your path. The tools are so important. When I don’t have my tools, I know I feel so unbalanced. I find it’s like going to the gym—I call it my spiritual gym!

Go be creative, set intentions, create your affirmations, design and play with your vision boards, and go out and follow your path.

Be powerful! You ARE powerful, beautiful and enough!

Jeanne Verger