How to Transform Your Body...and Transform 2019!


This year, I set the intention that I wanted to transform my body. I've always wanted to feel strong and lean in my body and yet each time I started my path on exercising and eating a balanced diet, something would get in the way. But this year was different, something has shifted in me, and I was determined to succeed.  

So, at the beginning of the year, I set out to create a consistent yoga practice, to dance and play in Zumba classes and to tone and strengthen my body by going to interval training classes. 

Those first couple of months this year were tough. In order to get myself to classes consistently, I had to look at my resistance, the inner stories of “you’re not good enough"' and feelings of wanting to give up. In the past, these thoughts would keep me from consistently making it to class, but this year I had a really strong intention so I knew I just needed to keep showing up. One day, I was on my yoga mat, and I had my breakthrough: I was so happy to be there! 

While the first half of the year was about exercise, now it was time to look at what I was putting in my body. In the past, I had done a really powerful Candida cleanse, which reset my digestive system and brought my body back into balance. So I decided to take that challenge on once more. Candida is an overgrowth of yeast in our digestive system, and we get it from too much alcohol, fried food, and, of course, sugar. Sugar is candida’s best friend. I found a cleanse online, and within 45 days, I lost about 12 pounds! Even when I started reintroducing foods back into my diet, I noticed that my digestive system was really working properly again, and I continued to lose a few more pounds. 

I lost 15 pounds total, and with my consistent yoga, dance and strength training practice, I felt like my body was taking shape—feeling muscles I didn’t know I had, and I started to see a six-pack appear. 

What I’m finding is that in the past, when I had made a commitment to myself  to transform my body, I had always failed myself. What I had thought was I’ll work out, do this diet for two months, and that’s it. That’s not it, though. It takes a while to transform your body, and it takes falling in love with the process to then consistently maintain it. It’s a process and a lifelong one at that. But I’m continuing to work at it so I enjoy going to the gym, and enjoy paying attention to what’s going into my body. It has been a challenging journey, but it’s now October, and I’m seeing real results. 

I share this with you because as we head into the holidays, instead of going back to an old pattern of I’ll get back into shape in January, get my trainer then, go on a diet then, etc, what if we open ourselves up to the possibility of not falling back into those old patterns? What if you get the trainer now and get fit now so that when January 1st comes, you’re ready to start the year off already in shape? What could you then focus on when you don’t have to focus on getting in shape? 

So what is that possibility that you would normally create for yourself in January but you want to create for yourself now? Maybe it's not about getting in shape but something else. Take some time after watching this video to sit down and brainstorm what that is, that new pattern you can start implementing now. So when you come to January 1st, you’re months ahead of your goals, you’ve accomplished them, and then what new outcome can you create?

Jeanne Verger