How to Live Feeling Abundant Everyday


An abundant life! What does that mean? 

We think “abundance”, and we see dollar signs. I think that’s our habit here in the U.S. But abundance can mean something really different. It doesn’t mean you have to have millions of dollars. I think abundance is having enough, plus some for somebody else. And if you have enough, and you have extra, then you live in abundance.

We all want to live a prosperous life where we can be happy and feel fulfilled. While it may seem difficult for some people, in reality, we already have what it takes to live an abundant life.

In my previous video, we talked about balance, and one of the things that can so quickly take us off balance is comparing ourselves to others or feeling like what we have or who we are isn't good enough. When we compare ourselves or wish we had more money, time, a bigger house, a newer car, whatever it may be, you’re viewing your life from a place of lack, and as a result, we just feel less happy. But, what happens when we reframe our mindset to one of abundance?

It's not always easy to feel abundant, but I cultivated 5 habits that have made me feel abundant in all areas of my life, because I believe abundance isn't just financial. Abundance is a feeling of wholeness or "bigness"--where you feel whole, alive and happy. Now who wouldn’t want to be living like that every day?

Here are my five habits to live abundantly.

Everything is on my side. When I set a budget for myself earlier this year, I thought I would feel less free by limiting my options. Rather than feeling limited, I looked at what I wanted to buy and chose what was really important to me in that moment. By choosing what was important rather then giving myself everything, my choice gave me the opportunity to embrace abundance. I looked at the options I can choose from, and I exclaimed, "I choose this one!" I didn’t feel lack after choosing A over B; I just chose A, and I let myself enjoy it fully and was grateful for it. Now, everything is enough; even when I choose A over B.

Being content. OMG, I used to have a tricky relationship with the word contentment. I used to think contentment equaled failure. Now, it means “This is it. This is enough. In this moment, everything that I have is enough.” It brings you into the moment rather than living in the future or the past. Of course, I still have my goals and 5 and 10 year plans, but being content with the moment right now with what I have? Anything that comes above and beyond is abundance, so now, I’m always abundant. 

Embracing change versus fear of change. I created affirmations for myself because, for me, change around finances is scary.  One of my go-to affirmations is “I trust that I am taken care of.” When I use this affirmation, it relaxes me, and when I feel relaxed, I feel free and abundant. Life is always a rollercoaster, but when we trust that we are taken care of, it allows us to relax and know that, while things might be on a low right now, they’re on their way back up. 

Proactive versus Reactive. When you’re reactive, you immediately go into fear mode, but when you’re proactive, you’re putting a new plan together. So, if your bank account is dwindling, what plan can you put into place to change that? Is it a budget? Is it looking at your business from a new angle? You’re shifting and planning rather than focusing on the negative and coming from fear. Now that's how to be proactive and create more abundance in your life. 

Come from a Mindset of what is working versus what is not working. Focus on what is working in your life, because if we focus on what isn’t working (at the moment), you move back into lack. So, what is working for you—your finances, your freedom? Using what IS working can help you plan and work on what isn’t working as well.

When I made these changes, I began to experience abundance every single day. I feel happier, more present and grounded, and I also feel financially secure. So, I ask, what is it within you that can get you to the next level of that abundance mindset? I want to hear from you!

Remember: YOU are abundant. It is in you.

Jeanne Verger