My BIG business-changing “aha” moment that will make you fall in love with your business.

Today, I’m sharing my BIG, life-changing, business-changing “aha” moment with all of you. It’s something that has truly transformed the way I look at my own business’s success, its struggles and its challenges. A moment that helped me see that my POV and my mindset were the true controls at work more than any other variable when it comes to my business’s success. So, what’s the big “aha”? Our business, and business in general, is all made up in thought.

Let me say that again. Your business, my business, business in general is all made up in thought.

Think about it. A business cannot be touched. You can go and touch a structure, or use tools in your business, even have products. You may put in place a team of people too. But the world of business itself? You cannot touch it because it's all made up in our mind. The good news? This means you have complete control of your business through your way of thinking.

“Our business is a direct reflection of our thoughts.”

Thinking is one of the most powerful tools we have because it is how we manifest whether the feeling of our business is positive and, on the upswing, or perhaps the complete opposite. This could mean a feeling of decline and a loss of momentum. Either way the direction is all based in your thoughts. You manifest the feeling and expression of your business. Yes, you might look at you bank statement and see a negative number or a decrease in sales, but it's how we relate to it that will manifest how it lives in our business.

“Take on the mindset that I am in full control of my business because it's me making it up, every single minute of the day.”

We all want to live in the reality that, "My business is awesome. I'm creative. I'm doing what I love.” And all of that may be true. But it isn’t always this way. I personally have been guilty of living in my business with a negative thought pattern. I was focused a shrinking client base, or stressed about paying bills. I became distracted by my decrease in social media engagement and wondered if I should continue on with my business. I had become wrapped up in a pattern of damaging, destructive thoughts. But I re-thought my way out of it and adjusted my mindset.

I challenge you to reflect on how you are thinking about your business right now. What stories are you telling yourself around your business? Are they negative or positive? But here’s the truth...

“Your business is neutral, and it is you that is creating it moment to moment to moment.”

This is the time to change your mind and change your thoughts. You will see that when we're in this openness, in the possibility of our business, this is where we will create true greatness. So today, take on a new mindset around your business and really own it.

“Believe that you are the creator of your business, and how you are holding it within your own heart is how the world is going to receive it.”

Go out there, be powerful and create a business and a life you love, because they are one in the same in so many wonderful ways.

Have a beautiful and powerful day!
Mwah! -

Jeanne Verger