What Does it Take to Release The Illusion of Control in Your Business?

This week I want to talk to you about something that I think we can almost ALL relate to...control. Or should I say the illusion of control.

Like most of you, I'm guilty of thinking to myself if I follow the same successful formula for my business over and over, it should always end in the same result. However, that’s not always the way. Sometimes the situation, the environment, the variables, even ourselves...are all different that next time around. But what’s also different is how we view that situation we are in.

“If we are trying all the same methods and not gaining the same successes, our mind tells us we are failing. Our mind tells us our business is failing. But that is not the truth.”

All we did was try something we had always tried, but with a different end result. I often experience this personally. I’ll have a winning streak of success, but on that last time around my usual formula may not work. This is when I find myself in a negative thought pattern, and feeling a loss of control. I create a story that my business is failing or everything's falling apart. When in truth, all I did was try something that wasn’t in alignment with who I was being in that moment.

So, what does it take to release this illusion of control or loss of control?

“It takes having a fresh mind. It takes opening ourselves up to possibility and it takes being a custodian of our thoughts.”

We have to learn to not go down the rabbit hole and follow the negativity that is drawing us in. Instead we need to say to ourselves, "Oh wow, I get to create something new. I get to create a new funnel or a new way to talk to my clients." We must embrace the mindset that we can flourish again and again, because THAT is where the control is. The control lies within you, within your mind, within your perspective on how you view your world, your life, your business. This is when we are 100% more likely to succeed.

But when we're in the mindset of frustration, overwhelm, and desperation we let the negative thought patterns grow. We start to think things like “My audience is diminishing” or “I’m no longer receiving referrals”. We're 100% in alignment with it being hard, heavy, and not successful.

“Our mindset is everything and our thoughts create our reality.”

Right now, life may feel like it's happening from the outside in, but really, it's happening from the inside out. It might feel like our business is the one controlling our money flow, but really, it's our mindset and how we're relating to it that is creating our cashflow.

“Anytime you're feeling stuck, anytime you're overwhelmed, anytime you're frustrated, remember, life is an inside out job.

Believe that you will create a successful business and keep it flourishing every single day, week, month, quarter, year. Step into the mindset that your business is an inside out job. Get on the court, start playing the game and have it come from fresh thinking, new possibilities, and an excitement to play in the game of your business.

Have a beautiful and powerful day!

Jeanne Verger