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discovery session

Let’s connect and create magic together.

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brainstorming strategy session

Two minds are always better than one.

If you’re stuck, or have a challenge where all you need is one piece to fall into place in order to move forward then this is for you. In 60 minutes we can brainstorm you out of your stuck spot and give you the breakthrough you need to get moving again. Let’s come up with solutions together and help you choose which one will work best
for YOUR unique situation so you can move forward with confidence. Two minds are always better than one and I know how powerful it is to collaborate with like-minded business entrepreneurs.

Our session together is recorded so you can replay our brainstorm to make sure you don’t miss one moment of all the fun and creative idea’s that flow.

One-on-one 60 min session: $329

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instagram intensive

Fully engage your customers and boost sales.

I LOVE Instagram and have built an amazing community of loyal customers who not only love my product, but love the message and creative inspiration that I offer. I have learned how to build a loyal following, be fully engaged with my followers, inspire them through my posts and create a powerful brand that is spreading empowerment and positivity out in the world.

In our one-on-one intensive, you will walk away with a strategy on how to use Instagram to convert followers into sales for your business. Not only will you make more sales, but also build an amazing community of like-minded customers who will love to engage with your brand. Instagram is such a powerful space to find your voice and spread your message worldwide.

The best part is the sessions are recorded so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by all the awesome information being shared. You can re-listen and take action at your own pace.

I want to help you brainstorm the best Instagram brand strategy for your business and convert followers into sales. Let’s empower YOU to have full control over your Instagram account and have FUN building your audience and selling your product or service worldwide! Beginners, intermediates and experts are all welcome.

One-on-one Instagram Package: $489

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vip strategy intensive

Resolve your biggest business or life challenges, fast.

Let’s spend 30 days together and dive deep into an idea you want to bring to life or into an area of your business that you are feeling stuck in and create an action plan that you can begin to implement right away. VIP Strategy intensives are a great way to get help mapping out your action plan for reaching the next level of your business, or to help you dive deep into your biggest life challenges and find a solution fast.

Some great ways to utilize a VIP strategy intensive are:

  • Map out your big picture strategy for growing your business over the next quarter,or even the next year.
  • Create a plan of action for building your website and explore all the creative elements and copy you will need to build it. Also talk about the right platform for your business to use.
  • Plan your next product or program along with the launch plan.
  • If you’ve outgrown your brand, or something major has changed in your life and you need to restructure – we can create a concrete plan together for how to get you back on track.

This package includes:

  • Four 60 min sessions done by phone
  • Weekly email support
  • Mp3 copy of each session
  • Workbook with exercises to help boost your excitement and gain clarity on implementing your vision or goal

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