Negative Self-Talk


Break-Free from Negative Self-Talk & Create from an Empowered State of Mind..

What are you thinking right now?
Is it a positive thought that supports you feeling good in the world?
Or is it a more negative thought that is holding you back from something you desire?
Do you believe this thought?

As we wake up for a new day, every day, we are naturally, constantly thinking about and interpreting the situations we find ourselves in. It is almost as if we have a tiny voice in our head which determines how we take in every situation. This inner voice is called “self-talk”. Whether we realize it or not; every person does self-talk. And the type of self-talk one does greatly affects their behavior in the world.

Negative self-talk mostly gives rise to negative feelings. For some reason, this type of self-talk is a loud voice that arises when we want to start something new or grow. When we have an idea or a new vision we want to bring out into the world, our past experiences tend to influence how we will take our first steps. With this, comes fear, doubt, thoughts of failure and many other negative emotions that are specific to each person’s inner critic.

Negative self-talk can also, consequently, make us behave in a self-defeating way. “I cannot do this” is something that will keep you from ever giving it a chance. “I am going to fail” will discourage you from working hard enough and you are going to give up before even giving it your best shot; which will, eventually, result in failure. And thus, your beliefs are confirmed and you are going to continue negative self-talking…”I knew it”.

So let’s WIN at this game rather than letting the negative voices run the show.
Here are some exercises to break-free from the negative chatter and live in an empowering state of mind.

1. Identify the Internal Negative Chatter
The first step is one of awareness. It will be hard to make a change to positive thinking without being acutely intimate with the thoughts that run through your mind. Write down all your fears and self-doubts around a vision you want to bring to life and see what stories appear. Once you know your negative stories, then you have the awareness to identify them when they show up and hold you back from move forward.

2. Transform the negative story into a positive outcome

The next step is to start building positive thoughts to go up against your negative thoughts. What is the complete opposite of your negative thought? From the list you wrote in step one, now write the complete opposite thought that comes from a positive perspective and will help fuel forward movement to your vision. You build on a story with a positive outline. The longer you can tell this story to yourself the better.

3. Replace Negative Influences with Positive Ones

It is important that you identify external negative factors in your life, which may be holding your thoughts hostage. For instance, your mental state can become toxic by being around friends who are negative. If you are not vigilant enough, you will start to adopt their thoughts as your own. Hence, be alert to what your negative influences are. If they come from certain friends, limit your exposure to them as much as you can. Refrain from discussing your plans with people who will be unsupportive of your dreams and goals.

Write down a list of people in your life who ARE supportive and live from a positive point of view. Knowing who these people are in your life, will help you understand who you want to share you positive thoughts and visions with and who you know will meet you at your same level and support you.

Moreover, when your state of mind is generally positive and optimistic, you are likely to be able to handle stress in a more constructive way and able to see your vision through to it’s completion. This ability can help you combat the negative thoughts and follow your dreams and achieve your goals and objectives.