Intention Setting

Intention Setting: How to achieve your business goals

You are ultimately in charge of your business & life and the direction you’d like to go. The clearer your intentions become for your vision, the more likely it is that you will be successful. Your vision, or mission, is simply what you would like to accomplish. It is the compass for your business and gives you direction on how to move forward with purpose and clarity. This vision will keep you going every day, even when things are not going so well or according to your plan.

Intentions are your thoughts directed toward a desired outcome. A working definition for intention is: “to have in mind a purpose or plan, to direct the mind, to aim.” Intention combined with passion results in successful projects. These projects are just not successful but also give the owner a feeling of satisfaction and make the work enjoyable. It is understood that intention is the first step towards any successful endeavor.

Before starting any project, you must be clear about the objectives that are to be achieved at the end of the project. In order to assure that you must be clear about the path that you are going to follow to achieve those objectives. If your intention is clear, then it is not a hard task as you are focused and are not living in fantasy. Intention helps you stay close to the reality and keeps you motivated towards what you are doing. If your intention is clear then there is very little hindrance that you will face during your time doing the project.

Below are some of the ways for intention setting:

Be specific:
When you set an intention, it is important to be as specific as you can. This will help you stay focused, and it will be easier to say no to things that no longer serve you and that are not in alignment with what you would like to achieve. Think about where you see your business and life 1 year from now and get clear on the desired outcome.

Write it down
Write down the objectives that you want to achieve. Then take this vision of success and create “I AM” statements so you are putting yourself as if it’s already happening. Example “I AM loving my new business and feeling in flow with my purpose and passion.”

Pay attention:
Look around and think of what can be achieved and start mapping out the future. Once you set your intention something starts to happen. You will be led to certain people and situations that will help you get what you want and need.

Appreciate yourself
Acknowledge your little accomplishments, cherish them and then build on them. Create a vision board. Make your intentions so ingrained that you’re beyond confident; that your actions become autopilot toward manifesting it. Once your intention is set, nothing is impossible. Intention setting results in productive and enjoyable work.