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Self Care


Self-Care is the most important factor to a successful business and life
A common vice among entrepreneurs and business owners is that we can put so much energy into running our business that we forget or don’t have time to take care of ourselves. If you keep up this behavior, you will eventually burn out and have nothing left to give anyone. You’ll wonder where you went wrong, and you could even develop an illness.

Your body sends you messages through its ailments to take better care of it. It’s important to learn how to discipline yourself to take care of your own mental, physical emotional and spiritual health. Take note of the signs your body sends you when you are out of balance, burning the candle at both ends or not taking good enough care of yourself.

Here are a few questions to answer to help you identify when you body is sending you signs to slow down.

  1. List the top five ways your body has signaled you to take better care of yourself.
  2. How many hours of sleep do you receive each night?
  3. What foods are you craving?

Many times when we are stressed out we reach for foods that are not healthy like carbs, sugar, caffeine and fast food. Our sleep patterns also are a big factor in self-care and can change when we are stressed out. Stress has extremely negative effects on our overall health; it causes all sorts of illness, affects sleep and digestion, lowers the quality of life and can lead to depression. Develop reliable and simple ways to reduce stress. Experiment with meditation, drinking more water and herbal tea, exercise outside or whatever else helps to quiet your mind so that you feel at peace.

Answer these questions below to identify where stress lives in your life.

  1. What are the main sources of stress in your life at the moment?
  2. What are two steps you can take to let go of these stressors or reduce or eliminate the stress they bring into your life?
  3. What are three things you know you can do to help yourself when you feel stressed?

Owning and running your own business comes with it’s fair amount of stress, so it’s up to you to practice positive self-care to keep a healthy balance of work, life and relaxation.