Accountability Partner


Bringing your Vision to Life with an Accountability Partner

Having an idea or vision that you want to get out into the world is so exciting. You are feeling the passion running through you and want to create and launch this idea. I can relate to this as I am always coming up with new ideas that I want to create and implement. One of the keys to my success for this process is to have an accountability partner.

You can bring your business or personal vision to life on your own, but having an accountability partner is an awesome way to deal with the challenges. Accountability partners help you stay on track with your goals, serve as a mirror to reflect where improvement might be needed, enhance personal effectiveness, and implement action. Having someone to bounce ideas off lends a great helping hand when launching an idea.

Reasons to Have an Accountability Partner:

  • 1. Having a sounding board to bounce ideas off is empowering. Having someone to help you with problems, challenges and bring in new perspectives, ideas and solutions is vital.
  • 2. Sometimes you get bogged down the minutia of launching an idea; it is important to have someone “kick you in the butt” and keep you on track. Everyone needs a good accountability buddy who knows when to “kick” you into action.
  • 3.An accountability partner will give you emotional support. This is an overlooked trait. You have a great deal to do, but you are human and do break down. You need someone to bring you up from time to time.
  • 4. A cheerleader is necessary when you starting something new. You often forget that you need to celebrate the small accomplishments and steps you have made. Having a cheerleader boosts your feelings of achievement and is motivating.
  • 5. Your accountability partner will create awareness. This partner will point you to more and different choices, help you with decisions and bring creative ideas to the forefront. They may have ideas that you have not even thought about.


Don’t choose just anyone to be your accountability partner. Start by being clear on who you want to help you through the challenges. It should be someone who shares similar values, and with whom you have a positive vibe. Someone who inspires you and who you trust. Don’t just ask your chosen partner to help you be accountable, present the ideas and see if they are interested in exploring these ideas with you. Discuss the potential benefits for both of you and brainstorm ideas. Your accountability partner should make the choice to mentor you and be enthused about your ideas. In return, you will do the same for them. What are they trying to ignite out in the world? Together you both are creating a new project or implementing a new idea and having the support of your accountability partner makes the journey that much sweeter.

So…right now, who in your life do you think would make a good accountability partner for you? Write a list of people who you trust and know would be able to meet you where you need to be met in service to launching your idea. Next, put together a vision of what this partnership would look like and how many time you will meet a month. Also how long is the partnership set up? 2 months, 4 months? Having a clear start and end date will give you structure on what you would like to achieve in this time frame.

YOU have everything it takes to birth this idea that is burning with passion inside of you. Go get an accountability partner and make it come to life. I believe in you.