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my  journey


For 10 years I worked in corporate America as an Advertising and Creative Director at Warner Bros Records and as an Account Director for a full-service advertising agency. I loved every minute of my career, but something bigger was calling me. Back in 2006 I started on my journey to inner well-being and my spiritual path. I unlocked many doors that I had never opened in my life up until that moment. My desires in life shifted and that little girl who loved being the creative designer and teacher showed up and was ready to express herself within my heart as an adult.  I listened and took the scariest leap of my life. I left the title and security of being a creative director for other brands and devoted my creative expression to share what I stand for in my life, which is love, self-expression, inspiration, seeing the beauty and potential of others, and serving as a reflection for their own transformation.


How my creative expression took form was by turning my hobby and love of making yoga-inspired jewelry into a thriving online business. But, this journey did not happen over night. It took me believing in myself first to take that initial step. I was faced with my deepest fears of failure, being rejected, and having to market myself verses someone else’s product. On this journey what I found was that the inner work and how I viewed myself was one of the most important factors to my success. Once I was able to believe that I could succeed as an entrepreneur, that was the day that everything else fell into place. Our inner reality—the stories we tell ourselves—take form in the outer experience of our lives. So as a business entrepreneur, the first thing I always tend to when brining a vision to life is how I am relating to myself in this vision.


Inspiring young entrepreneurs to own the powerful and successful business guru within them brings me so much joy. When working with each of my clients I listen very deeply and really hear the vision that wants to come forward. Together we then create a clear step-by-step, powerful map that takes the overwhelm out of your business, bring clarity to your mind, and restores inspiration to your heart.. By using my skills in advertising, promotion, social media, branding, life coaching, inner work, belief systems, and transformation, we will reveal all blocks that are keeping you from thriving and help get you out of any and all limiting perspectives that have been distracting you. I thrive and my heart lights up with purpose and joy when I am sharing my gifts with others. I believe in having FUN and bringing the JOY with me in my coaching and in my businesses.

Together let’s create magic!

Professional Bio

Career Background

Jeanne Verger combines a unique blend of visionary leadership and executive business acumen, holding roles as Director of Advertising for over ten years at the prestigious Warner Bros. Records, and also Bullpen Integrated Marketing. She has facilitated the creative design process and strategic media planning for TV, online, print, and radio advertising campaigns for numerous recording artists including Madonna, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Eric Clapton, Neil Young and Tom Petty, as well as nonprofit and corporate clients such as The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and Mattel. Jeanne has keen professional instincts, which has fostered long-term relationships with clients and executive staff alike. Jeanne has coached executives, from Vice Presidents to CEOs, within the high-pressure advertising and record industries, providing them with tools that help them to stay inspired and lead from inner strength. Recently, Jeanne successfully counseled executives to overcome challenges ranging from difficult and awkward discussions with subordinates, to inspiring their team through high-stress campaign execution.


Creative Business Strategies and Implementation, Overcoming Challenges and Creating Breakthroughs, Leadership and Communication Skills, Developing Effective Teams.

Industry Experience

Expertise in Leadership and Management for Creative Development and Execution, Product Management, Policies and Procedures, Strategic Planning and Follow-thru.

Noted Accomplishments

  • Coached professionals offering potent transformational knowledge and tools to positively impact one’s ability to adapt, communicate, and explore relationships with fresh perspective and uplifting outcomes.
  • Implemented a full-scale Health and Wellbeing Program at Bullpen Integrated Marketing, offering guided weekly meditation sessions to relieve workplace stress, provides a healthy living lecture series, with topics ranging from boosting the immune system to the ancient art of Ayurvedic practices. The program has generated a stronger sense of community and partnership within the office environment and was a featured article in Ventura Blvd Magazine.
  • Proud owner and designer for Jeanne Verger Jewelry since 2012, building a community of loyal customers worldwide. Check out


Health Coaching Certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from Bhakti Yoga Shala, 150 hour Massage certificate from the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing.


Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, Florida State University; Masters in Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica.