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Hello and Welcome!

I’m Jeanne Verger, and I’m so excited and honored that you’ve stopped by my website.

I am wildly passionate about teaching people how to create a business and life that’s inspiring and fulfilling. I love to help aspiring entrepreneurs unlock their creative vision, and to make it come to life. I did this for myself with my own online empowerment jewelry business, and I want to share all my secrets to success with you.

Yet this journey did not happen overnight. It took me believing in myself first in order to take that initial step. I was faced with my deepest fears of failure, being rejected, and not owning my self-worth. Once I was able to believe that I could succeed as an entrepreneur, that was the day that everything else fell into place.

I know what it’s like to say YES in your heart to bringing a vision or idea to life. I can help guide you on this journey, and have it be a fun, inspiring, and rewarding process.

So together let’s create magic!


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